St George's Church, Billy Row

About 1890 the Mission Church of St George was built to serve the hillside area of Billy Row; this had become effectively separated from the main part of Crook by the Roddymoor Colliery and the extensive Bankfoot coal by-products industrial complex. St George's was very successful for the first 70 years or so of its life, but in more recent years although still much loved by its small local community and still well supported on special events and occasions, the regular congregation had fallen to perhaps only 3 or 4. In 1994, after much consultation and heart-searching, the PCC took the unpopular but inevitable decision to close it. A sad ending in many ways but some of St George's contents have been found new homes in other churches, notably the pipe organ which is now in regular use in the local parish church of St Andrews, Westgate; also the church building itself was sold and with very little external change has now become a family home - a new role that it will hopefully enjoy for another hundred years.