Church Surroundings

St. Catherine's was built in the very centre of Crook and was originally surrounded by a stone wall enclosing a small graveyard. This very soon became full - perhaps not surprisingly as, until the middle of the 19th century, all drinking water came from poor quality springs and wells and the town had no provision for drainage. In 1850 there was a smallpox epidemic. Following an outbreak of cholera in 1853 a few inadequate drains were laid, emptying into Crook Beck.

By 1855 a separate town graveyard was established on the hillside above the town. When the pit heaps were being razed and landscaped in about 1960, the small wall surrounding the church was demolished, the headstones removed and the area levelled and grassed as it is seen today. It is maintained by the local authority.

St. George's Church, Billy Row