Welcome to our site... Whether you are visiting this site for the first time or are an old friend, I hope that within these pages, you will find strength and encouragement on your spiritual journey and that something within these pages will interest you. 

If you are searching for Jesus or for answers, then your search is the key. Jesus said, 'If you seek me you will find me' 

Often people who search for Jesus don't find answers - just deeper questions, deeper meanings. My prayer is that you may find something of Jesus within these pages. 

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This Wednesday (1 June)

10:30 - Holy Communion

Services at St. Catherine's


Sunday 5th June 2016 

Why not join us this Sunday at 10:00. We have two services running side-by-side; one is very relaxed in our side aisle... ideal for those with children, the other is more traditional in form. Both however are lovely ways to begin your week - simply being in the presence of God... the One who loves you completely.  Perhaps the fact that you are reading this might indicate that God is speaking to you about joining us :-)    

Our evening service will be a Common Worship Communion Service.

Please do come along - you'll receive a warm greeting. 


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