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     Jesus invites you to a party.

    A few weeks ago someone made a very simple statement that really stopped me in my tracks.  It was as if he had turned on it's head all my perceptions of the religion I had grown up with, of how I had grown to see the church, and thus I suppose how I had come to see Jesus (sorry Big Guy)  But this statement has stayed with me, it won't budge, and it feels crucially important…

    What was it he said?

    He said: "Jesus invites"

    That's it.

    That's all… He said "Jesus goes round offering invitations to people"  

    Some people point blank refuse to even read the invitation.

    Some people are too cynical - all this for free?!  Yeah right, no way….. Yes way.

    Some people kind of take the invitation and leave it stuck to the pin board thinking I should go to that but I don't really feel like it.

    Some people go to the party and peek in through the window and are too scared to go in.

    Some people go to the party and sit in the corner picking faults in everything to make themselves feel superior.

    Some people spend the whole time worrying about whether they're saying or doing the right thing, whether they're wearing the right clothes….

    Some people go to the party but spend the whole time sitting in a corner hiding because they're scared no one will want to dance with them

    And some people seem to manage to enter into the party wholeheartedly and have the time of their life.

    We can all be all of these people at different times. I know I have been…  But you know what else I've realised?… Jesus is standing right there beside each and every one of us, every moment of every day, offering us the invitation to join Him for the party of our lives.  And every single moment of every single day we can choose which of those people we are going to be, we are free to choose how we respond to the invitation, it is entirely our choice.

    How are you going to respond?

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