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If you are searching for Jesus or for answers, then your search is the key. Jesus said, 'If you seek me you will find me' 
Often people who search for Jesus don't find answers - just deeper questions, deeper meanings. My prayer is that you may find something of Jesus within these pages.

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A prayer for fathers on Fathers' Day

Bless our fathers, God the father of all.
And bless all those who have fathered us in the spirit.
We bless you for their gifts to us -
gifts of nurture and strength,
of understanding and dependability,
of energy and decisiveness,
of gentleness and wisdom,
of peace and courage.
We bless you for all that is good in their influence on our lives.
We ask you to cherish and sustain them as they have cherished and sustained us.
Give them happiness in their relationship with us.
Give them recognition for what they do.
And may we do for others the good things they have done for us.

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    Newsflash: God trusts us!

    Well, it was a bit of a newsflash for me this morning… Maybe you’d thought about it before, but I hadn’t….

    My two year old and I were making biscuits, pink Peppa Pig biscuits to be precise, and yes I gave her the sieve to hold….

    and yes, I filled it with flour….

    and yes, I was foolish enough to instruct the gentle shaking of said sieve…

    You can imagine.

    and then I had to do a bit of a rescue mission on ingredient proportions…

    And then yes, I gave her some little balls of pink dough to squash into biscuits…

    and then yes, there were teeny little bits of pink dough EVERYWHERE

    and yes, when she’d finished playing and learning and getting in a mess, I had to rescue her attempts and make them actually look like the cookies I’d told her we were making and that she was looking forward to eating.

    And it struck me that God is doing just that with us, with our lives all of the time.

    Thank You Lord, that You don’t expect us to get it right all the time.

    Thank You that everything You give us is with such a generous open and trusting hand and sugh a generous open and loving heart.

    Thank You that You trust us with so much…. so much more than we deserve…. often more than we can actually manage.

    Thank You that You trust us knowing that sometimes we will fail, knowing that sometimes we won’t understand, knowing that sometimes we’ll choose not to understand, that sometimes we’ll be too tired, or lazy, too selfish to do what You ask, knowing that sometimes we’ll try our best to get it right but actually end up getting it spectacularly wrong.

    Thank You that You love us enough to invite us to try anyway, that You trust us to try

    Thank You that You love and trust us enough to allow us to fail and to learn through our messes

    Thank You that You love and trust us in a way that gives us space to grow

    Thank You for giving us the chance to play even the smallest part in Your glorious plan.

    Thank You that as long as we keep looking to You and letting You, that You will do everything You can to sweep up the messes we make along the way, thank You that You do everything You can to stick our little scrags of dough back together again.

    Thank You that if we keep loving You and letting You, You will do everything You can to rescue our metaphorical biscuits.

    In Jesus’ Name,

    Lord,  thank You.

     This Site was last updated on - 20 June 2015